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Problem with Editor going read only [1 Attachment]

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Haven’t been able to find the cause/solution for this problem on line or by
looking into the Toad Options menu; so hoping someone knows the solution or
can point me in the right direction.

Running Commercial Toad for Oracle

Client Windows XP

Server Red Hat Linux - Oracle 10.2

When I go to a package or procedure in the Schema Browser and click the
icon to load the code into an editor window I get an Editor Window like the
one below. The problem is that it shows “Disabled”
and is in read-only mode. This state also seems related to the red line
seen between lines # 1 and 2 in the editor window.

Anyone know where I can find information on how to be able to edit the code
that gets loaded in the Editor Window?

Thank You,
Brian Keegan
Oracle DBA
Farmers Insurance

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A couple possibilities where I’ve run into read-only modes: