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Re: Triggers loaded into editor as read only?


Sounds like you may have Team Coding enabled on your DB and that your trigger
(or all triggers) are controlled. When the editor is read-only do you see
“Controlled” listed in the status bar? If so then you need to check out the
trigger first. This should be covered in the help in the team coding section.


There is no Teamcoding installed on the server. There is also no indication that it could be related to TeamCoding in TOAD.

I have used TOAD for over 10 years now , i do remember about 5 years ago i did an upgrade and had to rebuild a bunch of configuration files. The install i did was also an upgrade from 9.XX?

Is there a guide how to rebuild the config files now? Could this be a reason im not sure if this is needed?

I may try blowing away the entire TOAD install to see if this helps. Is there a guide on how to do this?



The interesting thing is if i edit the file external to toad and start the file with syntax not known to oracle it will load in read/write. But as soon as toad knows what it is (a trigger create) it goes to read only.

For example

CREATE TRIGGER… (will load in read only)
aCREATE TRIGGER…(will load in read/write)

If i edit the aCREATE to make it CREATE it will not be read only until i attempt to compile it. if it compiles successfully or not it will be RO.

To add to this i cannot now edit packages or procedures with exactly the same behavior.


Are you debugging or executing a script? A quick scan indicates that either Toad
thinks that one of the debuggers is active for your active connection, you are
executing a script in that editor instance, or that the objects are controlled
by Team Coding. I don’t see any other conditions which would make the
editor read-only once it knows that you have PLSQL in it. There is a lot of
source though and I may have missed something.



When i change the script from aCREATE TRIGGER to CREATE TRIGGER im executing the statement. But i get the read only behavior when i open a file both from the OS and from the database.

It flashes up as read/write for .0001 of a second but then goes to read only. I can tell because the Execute Statement button becomes disabled. Also it says READONLY on the bottom. When i right click in the editor the READONLY option has a tick but the words are dulled out (not available).

This is killing me we pay good money for this product and i have to use textpad to write code. Please help!


Team Coding…

Some wise crack in dev decided they should install Team Coding.

I should have fully investigated the option the first time. whats the easiest way to tell if TC is enabled on the server? The only way i knew was by opening the same file against a different server.

My bad.

But thank you!

BTW i though this forum was somehow linked to the official support!


BTW i though this forum was somehow linked to the official support!

Nope. This forum is for users who want to interact with other users.

Official support cases are only handled on the interface.