Problem with new dictionary


I’m trying to create a new dictionary, based on the english dictionary (for French translation)

I create the dictionary, I chose Anglais (Etats Unis) in the “Insert Words from Dictionary” dropdown list (it’s written in French)

The new dictionary is created, but it is empty.

How can I statt with the full English dictionary ?


SQL Server 208 / 2012



It may seem empty at first glance, but when you click on the Keywords tab of the Dictionaries window, you should see all the keywords imported from the Anglais (Etats Unis) dictionary.

Should you not find any Keywords content imported, you can try Dictionaries Items button Import Words from Dictionary (the last one) and choose the English dictionary again.

Now the Keywords tab is filled with imported English keywords

On Dictionaries Items tab you can start entering translations for individual original English keywords. Don’t forget to Commit the change to the dictionary by clicking Commit button (third) on the Dictionary Items toolbar.



Thanks Lukas

the dictionary was empty, but your second solution with the " Import Words from Dictionary " button correctly imported the English dictionary.

Great, thank you!