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problem with table aliases+column identifiers (and shortcut keys)

First of all, sorry about my english. I hope you all understand my writings…

I’m using Oracle 10g and Toad 10.6.

There’s optional setting “Use alias for table name in query”. What should it do if checked?
Toad seems to generate aliases (column identifiers?) for columns only, leaving table without the same alias that’s assigned to its columns. SQL statement which is generated by so called “Quickview” operation will end-up to an error because of this.

select A.column1, A.column2, A.column3
from .table

Error msg: “ORA-00904: “A”.“column1”: invalid identifier”

What setting do i need to adjust to get alias also in the end of the table name?
And yet another question regarding to this: How can i set lower cases to column identifiers?

Another question: How can i remove schema-name from select-clause generated by the same quickview operation?
(select A.column1
from .table)

i’ve tried to find answers, but with weak results…

And last: i’ve defined shortcut key for “New tab” in editor (view->toad options->“toolbars and menus”->“shortcuts”). I’ve defined it as CTRL+M. This definition/setting doesn’t work and it isn’t even in conflict with any else shortcut.

Thanks in advance for your replies.