Generate Select ?

With different versions of TOAD 9 i use to highlight a table name in the sql editor and then do desc and generate select.

now in version 10 of TOAD i cannot do this anymore.

Is there a option to turn this on or have quest remove the ability to do this?

Starting in Toad 10, all the grids in Toad got the same rt -click menu. So in
the describe window, just rt -click somewhere that is not a grid and you should
see the “Tables” menu.

One of the problems with this new approach is you can’t select the columns you want included in the generated statement. It is a huge step backwards from v9 when working with large tables. I was hoping for an improvement by allowing users to specify the prefix alias to make statements with joins easier. instead I have to do a lot more editing. In many cases it is faster and easier just to type the whole statement out rather than edit the Toad provided statement.

It still works as before. Just go to the ‘columns’ tab and select
the columns you want in the sql statement. If no columns are selected, then
it includes all of the columns in the statement.

If you just want the column names with an alias, select the columns you are
interested in, then click the last toolbar button above the columns grid.