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Running multiple statements takes a long time to run in 6.8


I started to use 6.8 and something is off when it comes to running multiple sql statements separated with go.

I have this script that alters some tables, creates tables (5), inserts some data (about 15 rows), creates foreign key constraints (about 7), nothing major.

In 6.8, I open the script in an editor, I press F5, then the UI freezes for quite a bit of time and it takes a while until this is done ~ 20s. I basically have to do something else. When I execute the same script using the automation manager, it takes just a few seconds, as expected.

Also, I noticed today that when I run one statement (update or select), it takes a good couple of seconds until the result comes back even though the query took let’s say 75ms. I just repeated this with a select statement.

In 6.7 the results come back immediately.

Big Sigh

Do others experience this?

I run Toad 6.8 64 bit on windows 2008 r2.

Yes, I am experiencing the same thing.

6.8 is waaaayyyy slower than 6.7.

Going back to 6.7. 6.8 is unusable.

Finally, someone has seen this. I thought I was alone. I started to wonder how many customers are using toad for sql server.


I’m sorry you are experiencing performance issues with 6.8. Are you using the latest 6.8 64-bit build downloadable from our support portal?

Also, have you tried the 32-bit version and are experiencing the same issues? I need to determine whether this is isolated to 64-bit version (which is new) or both.



I downloaded 6.8 64bit yesterday from the support portal and was experiencing the issues.

I haven’t tried the 32 bit yet.

I’m on windows 8

Ok, i tried 32bit this morning and it has the same problem.

I run a simple query that takes 0:00:00.238 to run, takes 15 to 20 seconds to display.


Hi bhefner_83570 and costabas,

we have create defecID TSS-1450 for this performance issue, we will try to fix it asap.



Michael, could you please let us know when the fix is available? I would like to install it as soon as possible. Thank you

Any updates?