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Profiler and Parallel Pipelined functions



I’m working on a parallel pipelined function in Oracle Is there
any way to use the profiler to determine how many slave process the function is
being executed on at once? i.e. a way of determining the parallelism of the
function in use.


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I don’t know about the profiler, but If the function takes enough time,
you should be able to find it in the session browser and see how many parallel
slaves it has.


Martin – got your email, thanks for the info. I’m not going to be
using my function in a job, it’s going to be embedded in an SQL statement
being used by an ETL tool.

John – I did manage to modify my function to return the SID as part of the
output record, which ends up showing which records came from which slave
process. It ends up that as I’m using the function it’s not being
run in parallel for some reason. I’ll have to do some more investigation.
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