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Toad session browser on Oracle 19c not showing parallel slaves

  • Toad for Oracle Professional(64-bit)
  • Add-ons: DB Admin module
  • connection to Oracle 19.5

In the Session Browser (while the "Exclue parallel slaves" option is NOT selected:

  • When connected to Oracle12, we can see the number of parallel slaves and hit the Plus to expand.
  • When connected to Oracle19, we can NOT see the number of parallel slaves and there is no Plus to expand.

I have attached a snippet of the Oracle12 display.
Any clue on how to fix this?


it's working fine here. Are you sure that you actually have parallel slaves on your 19c DB?

Thank you for your reply,
Can you please share your versions?
Toad and DB...

Database version is 19.3 (see screen shot)
Toad version was the current beta - 14.0.

I checked our bug history - you're right, this was a bug in Toad version 13.1 with Oracle 19c. This is due to a change in the way Oracle represents the parallel slaves in the data dictionary. Sorry, I forgot about that!

It was fixed in Toad version 13.2. If you upgrade, I recommend 13.3 instead of 13.2.


Great new,

Many thanks