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Queries running in auto parallel

Hello, Im using toad data point to access oracle DB and been told by DBA that they are seeing 4-Parallel threads whenever I run a sql.
I don't have parallel hints in the SQL as well and not sure where the parallelism is set in toad data point. How can this be avoided? Is there option to remove this parallelism?

Are there 4 threads for the same SQL that you're executing? If so, I don't know of anything in the product that would be causing that, other than parallel hints, as you mention, or some configuration option on the database side.

That said, there are some options in the Toad DataPoint options base to take a look at... use the search box in the Options panel for options involving 'parallel' or 'connection', etc. For example, by default (I think) a separate connection thread is used in TDP for each Editor open... see snap 1 below.

Also, it's not unusual that more than one connection thread to be open at a time in products like this... for example, a separate connection may be needed to list objects in an Object Explorer versus a query running in the Editor.

Might be good to turn on TDP's Execution Trace so that you can see what the product is sending on your behalf to the database... see snap 2 below.

Thanks, DBA confirmed it was some configuration setting at the database level which made it go with parallel 4.
Now on a different issue...getting the below error immediately when a connection is made to the oracle database( I supply the credentials and clicking connect in TDP results in this error)
ora-2391: exceeded simultaneous sessions_per_user limit.

DBA informed that there was new profile restriction limiting some of the users to single session.surprisingly this issue is only for Toad datapoint users, other users using different tools have no Issue.On lot of debugging, noticed that whenever a connection is attempted from TDP then object explorer is seen and then followed by error.
And we can browse the data in the object here object explorer has the session and when 2nd sessionn is attempted...we see the error due to the database profile. Is there a way to avoid "object explorer" and directly go to the editor window on connection...