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Prompt for user id/password if no properties for database.


Is there a way that I can make Toad for DB2 prompt me for a user id and password if there is not one setup in the properties for the database? If you have a user id, it will prompt you for the password, but if there is nothing, it just throws up an error about user id and/or password invalid. Sure would be a nice enhancement if there is not a way to do this currently.


If user connects to DB2 using windows authentication then password can be omitted but there is no possibility to set it up for connection.
I have created CR108401 so it can be researched\implemented.
Thanks for your feedback


Just to make sure what I am asking for is clear. You have databases in your connection manager. If you right click on the database and click properties and put a user id in and password, but don’t click on save password, the user id stays there so the next time you double click on the database the “Need more information to connect” window pops up for you to type your password in. What I am looking for is the same behaviour if you do not have a user id and password there, instead of the error window popping up saying that the password is missing.


As Vlas stated, we are trying to appease users who do not need to specify credentials on their connection profile.
I am trying to determine a potential solution that works for you and those customers as well. Would this below solution be sufficient for you?

When we realize that there is no userid and no password in a connection profile, we will continue with our normal logic and attempt to connect (assuming windows authentication will suffice).
If we get the DB2 security error:
( SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason “3” (“PASSWORD MISSING”). SQLSTATE=08001
we will catch that error and not display it - but automatically open the connection dialog with the “Need more information to connect” title.
(Not sure how easily we can accomplish this - but it might be an option)

Please let me know what you think.


Yes, that would work Jeff. I see what he was saying now. I wasn’t following what he was trying to say in the previous entry.