Pivot Grid - Field List & Layout

I have a couple of end users testing TDP 5.0 workbook mode. In pivot grids that are added as separate steps, they are not seeing the section to the right of the pivot table which contains the field list and pivot table layout area where fields are dragged to row/column/data/filter. The screen shot below is the area that I'm seeing but the other end users are not.

Are they at least seeing the Collapser widget to show/hide the panel display?

No the collapser widget isn’t displaying.

Can you post a screenshot of what they are seeing? Have they executed the query and passed the result set to the pivot? The pivot needs to have a result set to work with.

Both users that were having this issue yesterday are not having it today. The field list and pivot layout are displaying now. They weren’t yesterday and I witnessed
it firsthand. I’ll let you know if this issue reoccurs.

Keep in mind that in TDP we introduced a Summary page for the Pivot Grid. This does not include the field picker. We do this when there are a lot of rows to load into the PIvot so we show the Summary page of the pivot from the last time it was saved to file. If there were a lot of rows to load it is possible this was taking some time to load. This would explain the behavior you are describing. in future releases we intend to smooth out this loading area.

How do you view the Summary page?

if you have saved a Toad Workbook that contains a pivot it will look like this during the time you open and load the file. This is a summary page from the last time you saved the file. This is actually an html file and not a real pivot.

After the pivot/file is fully loaded the pivot looks like this. Notice the fields are there and ready to edit the pivot.

I’ll do some more testing. When we encountered this yesterday it was for 10-15 minutes or longer.

I tried opening several workbooks and I’m not seeing the Summary page at all. The files open rather quickly and all the pivot tables I see show the field list.

It appears this issue happens after TDP is first installed. I had a new user who just had TDP installed this morning and right after the install I was giving
them a demo and created a test query with a pivot table and the field list was missing. I then saved the workbook and exited TDP. Then a Windows 10 message popped up saying that the compatibility for TDP had be updated. After that when I re-opened the saved
workbook the field list was there. So it appears this issue has something to do with Windows compatibility settings.

Let me have another developer look at this thread.

Hi Steve,

I believe we already fixed this issue and you can verify it with one of our next release (TDP 5.0.5).
Task number: QAT-14713
There were same issue as you described. Only after the first start there should be issue with missing field list.