Profile report in Toad Data Point


I'm using Toad Data Point 6.0 to profile a SQL Server table with approximately 3.4 million rows. I am able to successfully complete the profiling option, however when I press the "Report" button at the bottom of the profiling window, Toad hangs for a long period of time and never generates a report. I am trying to generate a PDF copy of the report to document our current state.

Is there a way to see what errors may be occurring or an alternative way to generate a report for export?

I suspect that the PDF report will have a lot of pages, if there's 3+ million rows.
Might take a while to create the report. How long did you wait for the output?

Hi Gary,

I've waited about a week now. Eventually Toad will stop hanging, but will never open the report window. While hanging, the Windows pointer will display the circle loading icon.

I am selecting only Basic and Distinct analysis and not enabling drill down, domain, or pattern/string analysis.

Hi Ribbit,

I apologize for the challenges you have been experiencing with report generation at the Toad Data Point. I understand how frustrating it can be when technical issues hinder workflow.

To ensure prompt assistance, I kindly request you to reach our support team by opening a support ticket and providing all relevant issue details encountered during the report generation process.

Best regards

An update, as I try different scenarios:

If I set the random sample to 50% of the 3.4 million rows, the report will load as expected, however I'm looking to create a comprehensive profile and not based on a sampling set. As I profile larger datasets, the upper limit seems to be about 1.5 million rows, so I need to adjust the sample size to get down to that number.

I will open a support request.