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Publish and Import Connection file

I need to publish the connections to my automation scripts on Toad Intelligence Central. They seem to publish okay but when downloading they do not have an *xml extension and will will not import into Toad. The lack of extension does not seem to be the issue. The content of the connection file looks fine but it imports nothing. Exporting and Importing from within Toad seems okay. It is just when trying to import a connection file that has been published. I tried this in both Toad 5.3 and 5.4. Both broke.

I can reproduce this, so indeed looks like a bug. In reviewing more closely the output created, I used TDP's Text Diff Viewer, and saw the differences between the XML that TDP creates for a single connector, and the XML that TIC generates for the same connector. It appears that TIC creates an XML block specific for the each connector, and it appears to be good XML However, TDP puts a Toad Studio "XML wrapper" around the collection of connectors that the user wishes to export.

I placed the wrapper around the TIC-generated XML code, saved the file (as XML type) and it imported successfully within TDP.

So, as a possible workaround, until Quest gets this resolved, you can wrap your downloaded TIC connector's XML content with XML wrapper code similar to what's below, keeping in mind that you may need to fiddle with the platform part of the code wrap. Hope this helps.


Thanks for finding this. It also seems that if I export the connection I want to a file and then publish that file it works. So the bug is in the publish code. It would be nice to fix but I'll use the work around. Can I get a bug fix number?

Hi there - I was able to successfully publish connections to Toad Intelligence Central and consume published connections in Toad Data Point. See the video here publishing and consuming connections through Toad Intelligence Central.mp4 - Google Drive

Are you using a different method?

Thanks for the video. It works just as you say inside Toad Data Point. But I want to use Toad Intelligence Central for deployment of files. If you download the connection file from the TIC webpage and import into Toad Data Point you get the blank window as shown in the beginning of my post.

For this use case - where you want to publish a connection file not connections - so that you can download and import that connection file into Toad Data Point, I suggest the following:

  1. in Toad Data Point export the connections you want to save into an XML file
  2. Publish the XML file using the File > Send to > Publish option (publishing as a generic file)

If you publish this way you can download the XML from Toad Intelligence Central via a browser and import into Toad Data Point through connection import