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Pushing a default DB2 Isolation Level to users of Toad Data Point

We use Toad Data Point 3.4 in our shop. We would like to push a default DB2 Isolation Level out to all our users of Toad. Is this possible? Does the default/current setting exist in some configuration file that can be manipulated?

I know the interactive way of changing the isolation level from within Toad.



Hello Scott,

Toad settings are set under your user profile.

Default isolation parameter can be found in DB2.xml file:

C:\Users<>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Studio <>\ModuleSettings\DB2.xml

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:xsi="…/XMLSchema-instance&quot; xmlns:xsd="…/XMLSchema&quot; xmlns:SOAP-ENC="…/&quot; xmlns:SOAP-ENV="…/&quot; xmlns:clr="…/1.0&quot; SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle='…/&quot;>


<a1:DB2Settings id=“ref-1” xmlns:a1="…/ToadDB2%2C%20Version%3D6.1.0.16569%2C%20Culture%3Dneutral%2C%20PublicKeyToken%3Dnull&quot;>

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It affects newly created connections.

Isolation level is also part of connection configuration. To accomplish you task you could also distribute pre-set connection file for your users.


C:\Users<>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Studio <>\Connections.xml


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Thank you Libor!!