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Toad uninstall issue - updated

Please disregard my last post! I didn’t put the error message in that my client is seeing - so she’s trying to uninstall and sees this -

The DB2 Copy ToadF40 in Quest Software Toad for DB2 Freeware 4.0 is the default DB2 copy. You must set a new default before uninstall it. Please use the DB2 Default Selection Wizard to choose a new default DB2 copy, the restart the uninstallation again.

Anyone seen this and have any suggestions for how to uninstall? Thanks.

I’m working with a client who is trying to uninstall Toad DB2 Freeware v4. This is on a Windows 7 64-bit PC. When she runs the uninstall, she sees the following -

Has anyone seen this error, or is there a way to do a manual uninstall of the app? Thanks.

It seems your error message did not get posted and I cannot view it. Can you try to post that again please?