Queries through Editor vs Schema Browser

While I should have written SQL queries in the Editor, I somehow (sub-optimally?) self-learned that Schema Browser's Data tab and then choosing View/Edit Query is a way to write and execute SQL queries and also SAVE them. I came to know about the Editor tab long after and with difficulty making use of it. For example, simples queries take minutes thru' Editor but the same take seconds thru' View/Edit Query under Data tab of Schema Browser.


  1. Why so long execution time of SQL in Editor?
  2. I have around 35 or more SQL queries saved in drop-down at View/Edit Query under Data tab of Schema Browser. How can I migrate/copy the SQL codes all to Schema or personal productivity tolls like Excel?


Execution time of SQL should be the same in the Editor as in the Schema Browser. Please read this post for a possible explanation of why Editor is taking longer and what to do differently to make it fast.

We have no utility for migrating your saved Schema Browser queries to the Editor. But once you run them in the Editor, they'll be saved in SQL Recall (hit F8 to open that) so you can quickly recall them there.

You can export data to Excel by right-clicking in the grid and choosing "Export Dataset". I don't know what you mean by migrate the SQL to Excel.

Thanks for your helpful answer.

I meant it to be "How can I migrate/copy the SQL codes all out of schema to editor or productivity tools like Word/Notepad?"

Want to ask a follow-up question.

I can see execution via SQL PLUS, TOAD Script Runner, as well as something called caret. How are these different ways of query execution matter and how are they different from one another? Can you also recommend any reference documentation on this?


There is no way to get all that SQL out of the Schema Browser other than to use the View/Edit Query button.

SQL*Plus is an Oracle command line utility for running SQL.
Toad Script Runner is a lightweight app that comes with Toad

You can use both of these for sending Toad's Editor contents to these programs to run the SQL externally from Toad.

"Caret" just refers to the blinking vertical bar where you are typing. "Execute SQL at Caret" means Toad will run that SQL in the Editor.

As I wrote in that other post, executing SQL with F9 (Execute SQL at Caret) is generally the best way to go. The other methods are more geared towards running scripts (when you have several SQLs in the editor and you want to run them all one after the other)

You can hit F1 to see Toad's documentation. I don't recall if all of these topics are in there but I think they are.