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Versatility of Editor screens

Finally I have been able to update the TOAD license but I was little more than 1 year without being able to use TOAD due to lack of budget.
This led me to develop in other tools such as "Oracle SQL Developer".
In this tool I am impressed by the versatility of the sql code editor screens; I found it very useful that you can distribute them as you wish.
It would be great if the same could be achieved at TOAD.

Good Afternoon,

TOAD has had that ability for some time now. Press F9 to run a query, press F5 to run a script and get the actual result as you would see in SQL+, any errors and a tab for each query that returned data:



Good call, Larry. One point to add: Just don't do that with large datasets, as the F5 grid pulls the entire dataset into memory.