Updating Query

I have started using Toad for Data Analysts last month (I have experience with all
reporting tools under the sun). However, I hit the following issue: after I have updated a diagram with new tables and columns to select my Query has not changed. Should it have? Please please respond if you know the answer.

Are you using the ER Diagram window and then using the Send to Query button to load the Query Builder? If so, the ER Diagram is not associated to the Query Bulder. It is only sending it’s contents to the Query Builder to do the initial load. After that you need to make the changes to the tables in the diagram of the Query Builder. You can drag on tables from the object palette on the left.

Is that what you meant? If not, can you provide some more details and perhaps a screen shot?


I greatly appreciate your reply. I kind of surprises me ttha Diagram is not associated with Query Builder. In any other application (Brio (Hyperion, Oracle etc ), BO) if I modify Visual representation of the report - the query changes. Unless I am missing some understanding of the Toad - it is not the case here.

When you change the visual representation of the tables in the Query Builder it does chane the SQL. The ER Diagram is considered a separate window with it’s own file. Those files can only be used as a template for starting a Query Builder. It’s just a different paradigm.


Thank you so much Debbie.