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query on Oracle table and Teradata table - can Toad Data Point do it?

I’m working on a data migration from Oracle to Teradata and need to QA the old (Oracle) and new (Teradata) tables. Can Toad Data Point run a query on an Oracle table and a Teradata table as though they were in the same database? Is anyone doing this?

Could you be more specific? What do you mean by ”as though they were in the same database”

I’m assuming that you asked about running heterogeneous query using Oracle and Teradata tables.

The answer is “Yes” - TDP supports heterogeneous query for Oracle and Teradata.

Aleksey, thanks, yes, I want to query on a joined Oracle table and Teradata table exactly like it was 2 tables in Oracle.

Cross-Connection queries are covered in these videos. Note: This is only available in the pro edition.…/1319.aspx…/1317.aspx


Debbie, thanks. Does Toad have anything that can automate this task? Say, for example, a million rows and a hundred columns, and the task is to test that the new table in Teradata is an exact copy of the old table in Oracle?

For Data comparison you can use Data compare.

Use Tools| Compare | Data Compare and specify Source and Target data sources and other parameters.

Please be aware of possible different precisions for real data types when you compare numbers from different databases.


Aleksey, thanks, yes I’m learning about the different data types for numbers in Oracle and Teradata

Sure you can automate almost everything in TDP. You can use export/import to move rows from one database to another. Then use the Data Compare activity to compare the data. i have videos on how to do this.