Query Plan Results being truncated

I am running an "explain analyze" at the front of my query per the requests of IT support. I am being told that the Query Plan results are truncated. How do I resolve that, so I can send them the full explain plan.

Welcome to the Toad Data Point forum, Renee.

TDP has the ability to display the access plan for a query, available as a tab in the Result section of the Editor. See snap below. So no need to execute an explicit "explain" directive in your script logic.

Otherwise, if IT insists that you derive the plan with their method, I'm guessing that the SQL entry in the explain plan table is rather old, and doesn't have the entire SQL or its plan... you may have to re-run the query and its plan.

Hi @Gary.Jerep thanks for your response. I am using Toad Data Point and trying to run a Presto query that joins Sailfish and DB2 UDB databases. I do not see the Explain Plan tab appear when I do this. I do see it when I run a basic query in just one database, but it only has error messages that I am not worried about addressing right now. So, I still would like to figure out how to get the explain plan to not truncate when I use the "explain analyze" in front of the query. I don't understand your "otherwise" response: "explain analyze" is run just before the query, so it's not old. I have tried several times with the same results.

What happens when you attempt to run the explain analyze via command line? Still get the truncated message?

Oh, and just to confirm, by "truncated" do you means that some rows in the plan are not showing (truncated vertically) or that you can't see all of the plan lines (truncated horizontally)? If the latter, then just increase the display column width (e.g. drag the right column boundary to widen the column display).

Can you share a screen snap?