Toad clunks on an Explain Plan

Using Toad on Oracle

I received the “Query From H*ll” from one of my developers that he insisted I
help him to optimize. (very long, and very complex)

When I stuck it into the editor, and hit the little ambulance (never could
figure out the meaning of that icon!), it chugged for a few seconds, then TOAD
disappeared. (tried 3-4 times)

I brought up my memory/CPU monitors to see if it ran out of memory or something
like that, but it only popped up a little before dying.

Is there some diagnostic trace/log file I can send to youse guys to see what’s

Incidentally, my co-worker could bring up an explain plan. He is still using

Thanks, all.

David A. Hicken
UtahToad at gmail dot com
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Go to options -> Oracle -> General and uncheck “Save Previous
Explain Plan Results” and the problem will go away.

This is a bug that happens in Toad 10.x when queries are more than 2000
characters long. It is fixed in the beta.