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Quest SQL optimizer for SQL Server Installation fails



I’m trying to install Quest SQL optimizer version 7.1.0 (part of Toad for SQL server 5.6 commercial) but I’m getting the error show on the attached image.

Please let me know to whom at Dell I can send the error log for review, or what actions can I take to have this component installed correctly




The log file mentioned in the error message would contain more information about the error. You can send it to Support for assistance.



Hi Alex,

I have sent you a copy of the log file for your review.

Thank you in advance.



in order to open a service request please follow the link:

you will be asked about your customer login/pass.


Thanks to all of you.

The following resolved my problem:

Microsoft has created a Fix-It this issue for 64bitWindows:

Whatthis Fix it does is to automatically remove anyincorrect or corrupt registry entries that interfere with VB support in windowsand then re-registers the DLL ensuring that the correct registry setting arethere. After running the Fix it solution, it is recommented to rebootyour PCfirst then run the SQL Optimizer installation.

The link to the Fix it is:

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