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question regarding Favorites in Tree view


I changed the location of my script files. Is there an easier way to change the path for all of them in my Favorites window without removing and re-adding each one. The current interface is cumbersome. An Add File button would be nice, but drag-and-drop would be nicer :slight_smile:


Are you talking about the Favorites tree view in the open and save dialogs? If so, you can change the Favorites list through Toad’s Option window under Files -> Open/Save Dialogs.

You can also revert back to the old XP-style dialog by disabling the Repository option in the Online page of Toad’s Option window. Starting with beta .54, the new-style dialogs have been disabled.


John B, I believe he is talking about the favorites in the Schema Browser.

Dale, You can rt-click -> Add Files and select multiple. I’ll take a look at drag-drop.


No. In the SB Treeview, if I check Show Favorites, I see my folders, files, tables I have added to that favorites panel. That’s the panel that is cumbersome to add files to (no drag-and-drop) and where I’d like to change the path for all the existing files.

I was thinking of using Project Manager, but I can’t add tables, just schemas - so no “favorite/frequently used” tables there. Maybe frequently used script files in project manager and frequently referenced db objects in Treeview favorites. I’m open to suggestions.


Thanks John. I didn’t see your reply until after I sent my response.

I assume I’m correct that Project Manager cannot contain table references?


You can put tables or any other type of database object in the project manager. Just drag them in there. Then you can rt-click on them to get the same rt-click menu as you’d see in the SB.


Great, thanks again. I’ll try using Project manager instead of favorites. Will be easier to maintain scripts that are common to all my databases rather than managing them for each connection. John, no need to spend time on Favorites for my sake. If I run into an obstacle with project manager, I’ll check back with you.


Monday’s beta will support file drag/drop to SB-Favorites, as well as multiselect&delete. Hopefully that will useful for someone.