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RE: 00.00.0000 00:00 is not a valid date and time error on exportdataset



I am guessing in the dark here but I would suggest. Find out if your corporate
people have just done an upgrade to Windows, or some other software. It sounds
like something is being overwritten every few months. It could be a shared .dll
file or some other shared file. I doubt it is Toad or Oracle. Just a hunch since
I have seen this happen with other software.

John Love


There is some “zero date” in your table. Oracle doesn’t allow
data like this to be inserted with insert statements, but it is possible (I
don’t remember how) to import data like that (and there must be some other
way, or we’d have nothing to import). And as you are finding, it
doesn’t like being selected much either.

You can find the row(s) with a to_char expression, and then you should update
them to null or some appropriate date.


Hi John,

I’ve had a chat with Andy about this and it seems he’s getting the error
every time he tries to export anything whether or not there is a date or
timestamp column in the data set.

It seems to be coming from Toad itself, rather than Oracle as he saw
this in the Eureka Log:

2.5 Type : EConvertError
2.6 Message : ‘‘00.00.0000 00:00:00’’ is not a valid date and time.

For a select with no dates in it (from Spool SQL):

select id_risk from risk



I’ve had a chat with Andy about this …
That is, of course, Adam!

Sorry Adam.

Norm. [TeamCantRememberNames]

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