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RE: Automation Designer question

Oh, I should add that if I go to the first action in the app, an
export dataset action, and choose Properties, I I see where I can
alter the filename, i get an ORA-01017 invalid username/password;
login denied error, which makes sense as I changed the password to the
old production server. After acknowledging that error, I see where I
can choose the export format. Excel is already chosen and I have the
customary two tabs, Options and Dataset. I even see the connection
icon on the upper left and it’s set to the proper, new production DB,
but that choice hasn’t stuck. I’m going to try once more. Perhaps,
seeing the correct connection, I didn’t hit Apply last time.

That seems to have fixed it. I must have failed to hit Apply before.
To be fair, I may not have realized it was needed. It showed the
correct connection already, as that is the only DB connection I had
then or have at the moment. It didn’t occur to me to hit Apply, even
though the correct connection was already chosen, to make the change

Maybe an indication of the current connection default for an action
could be placed on that screen? It would have saved me the problem of
this issue I think. There’s a lot of empty real estate there. Just a
thought :slight_smile:


I was in the process of typing a response when this message was delivered. Glad
you got it working. We’ll consider your suggestion. Thanks!