Re: Full "Path" from object browser

It doesn't look like this is possible currently although the Editor has built-in functionality to do what you need. In Options see the Editor|Code Assist options page. On the right see Toad Insight Objects. Check the object types you
are interested in. Based on your description you'll want at least Users and Tables checked. Also make sure that "Enable Code Insight pick list" is checked. For faster performance, but possibly outdated results if objects are created/dropped often on your system
check "Cache Code Insight results." Set the "Delay pop-ups" option to some value. That is the delay, in milliseconds, that the popup will wait following you typing a period in the Editor. You can also invoke the popup manually using CTRL+T. Then, start typing
the name of the schema. You can either type out the full name of once you see the one you want use the navigation keys to select it and press period. This will add "SCHEMA." into the Editor. You can continue drilling into that schema's objects in a similar


On 07/10/2013 12:50 PM, alex.mikuliak wrote:

Full "Path" from object browser

Thread created by alex.mikuliak

New SQL/TOAD user here, forgive the incompetence if it shows.

When I use the Object Browser to browse to a table or a column and double click it - I want TOAD to insert the full "path" into the editor instead of just the object name.

I.E. instead of inserting just "TableName" into the editor to insert "SchemaName.TableName" into the editor.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

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