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Schema Browser - Searching

Version 12.10

  1. In the Schema Browser, how can I do a contains search i.e. instead of enclosing the search keyword in keyword, is there a way to have TOAD do it for me?

  2. Is there a way to search across all the schemas I have access to instead of picking it from the Schema dropdown? So if I search for name and the object (table, view, whatver) exists in 10 schemas I have access to, show all of them in the LHS pane and let me switch between them?


Click the funnel icon. There are a variety of filter choices for both object name and schema name. To address your questions specifically, in the Filter Dialog, choose “Includes” in the Table Name, then enter your filter. Choose “all schemas” or “All except SYS”, or some search string for Schema name.

Nice! That works except each the filter settings are on a per-tab basis i.e. Tables, Views, Packages, etc. Is there a way to search for keyword and flip between the various LHS object types tabs to see results for that object type?


Each object type has its own filter, but if you want to do a keyword search on object name alone, you can do that on all object types like this:

  1. In Schema Browser, right-click on the filter box and choose “apply filter to all object types”

  2. Enter whatever filter you want like keyword

  3. as you change object types in the schema browser, the filter will now stick.

You can use the above in combination with multiple schemas by the funnel icon.

Perfect, you have thought of everything! Keep up the great work.

One more question, if you don’t mind…

I frequently use the F4 popup describe function to review details about an object. This popup takes too long to come up (granted, probably due to our network, database, machine configuration, etc). But if I already have the Schema Browser window up which has loaded up a bunch of this metadata already, is there a way to redirect the F4 function to load up the object in this instead of opening up another popup?

Or you may have some other suggestions?


No, the F4 dialogs pull fresh data from the DB each time they open.

However, for tables, at least, if you turn off some of the options, we will run fewer queries, and that will make the dialog open faster.

  • In the columns grid, click the icon in the top left corner of the columns grid, hide the “Index Pos” column
  • In the columns grid, hide the “Salt” and “Encryption Alg” columns.
  • In options|schema browser|data tab, uncheck “Highlight columns populated by sequence/trigger pair”, and hide the “Seq/Trigger” column in the columns grid.
  • In options|schema browser|data tab, uncheck “Enable value lookup for foreign key constraints”
  • In SB Columns tab, click the first toolbar button and uncheck “show primary key info above tabs”, and hide the “PK” column in the columns grid.