Re: ho ho ho, major TOAD crash bug with MDSYS.GEORASTER object table

Hi John,

The server is and the client is

I followed your idea and tried it again with the client and had the
same results.

I still have 9.7.2 around and that version has no problems with this table using
same client and server.

So you aren’t seeing this with your test stations?

Should I open a support request to send in the bundle? It definitely has to do

The crash messages are

Access violation at address 000000FF. Write of address 00407D34.

Cannot assign a nil to a TFont.

External exception EEDFADE.



Thanks, Paul, I can reproduce it. This is probably some “OCI in Unicode
mode” limitation…we’ve come across a few of these, especially
when XML is involved. I’ll open a case with our Oracle connectivity 3rd
party vendor, but I don’t expect much to happen, sorry.

Wouldn’t hurt to try Quest Support though.