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Re: Session shows red in color in Session browser in Toad 11.6

Afternoon “tkdba”,
the session you see in red, in Toad’s session browser, is the one Toad is using to access the database to show you the current sessions and what they are doing.
So, looking at that session will show you what Toad is doing in order to monitor sessions.
Norm. [TeamT]
On 29/01/15 08:15, tkdba wrote:

*Session shows red in color in Session browser in Toad 11.6
Thread created by tkdba

In the above snapshot, SID 919 shows red in color but i can see no
difference in this SID 919 when compared to other active session.

But why only this is red in color and this is the first time am seeing
this red in color. Whenever we enable trace on the particular session, i
knew that it shows green in color.

Can anyone explain why this SID 919 in above snapshot shows red in color.



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