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RE: Toad 9.5 supports Oracle DB 11g ?.

Not to start an argument – but that doc we have posted is incorrect (not sure who did the updates). Also not sure who owns and needs to fix this, so copying
all the people who should address this.

Toad 9.1 and later supports Oracle 11g R1.

Toad 9.7 and later supports Oracle 11g R2.

Since 11g R2 is the only version Oracle generally supports (without extended support contract) – you need to be on
Toad 9.7 or greater.


I just citate your post … and now seems to be wrong again… this is little bit funny now.


Damir Vadas

I think this picture may be more accurate than the one on the web site (but not current for 12.x) – note that
9.7 corresponds to 11g r2 ….

Email did not send image through - trying from web site...


THX for nice new picture.

And just for clarification. Post title was “9.5 supports Oracle DB 11g”

I was not sure which 11g poster is talking, so I assumed 11gR1 and so mine answer was n that way …

Brg and all the best in 2014

Damir vadas