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Read Only for Schema in Toad, but read/write in SQL *Plus.

Hi Everyone,

First post here. I have a particular issue with my login schema, it is read-only when accessing within Toad, however in SQL *Plus I have privileges. I use other schemas as well in Toad and they are not read only. I also have logged out of the connections and exited Toad and log back in with the same issue.

Any idea what it might be?

Thanks in advance!


When you say “read only”, how exactly is this schema read-only? Did you check the “read only” column for this particular connection in Toad’s connection window? If so, this would explain everything you’re seeing. “Read only” connections in Toad only apply to Toad, we don’t set read-only privileges in Oracle, and they only apply to the single selected schema for your Toad instance.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your response. The actual session is in read-only. This is what I have done so far:

  1. I checked to see if read-only was checked on the connection window all the way on the left. It was unchecked.

  2. I disconnected the schema and reconnected.

  3. I checked to see if the ‘Toad Security’ feature is enabled for the schema, and it was not, therefore cannot set//unset read-only for the schema.

  4. I checked to see if if the following was checked: Toad Options-> Data Grids -> Data --> Use Read Only Queries. It was unchecked.

How can you tell the session is in read-only? Does Toad indicate this by showing the green read-only light at the bottom or read only text in parenthesis on your connection bar?

Yes, I see both read-only green light at the bottom right and “Read Only” in parenthesis on the connection bar. As well as a message that says “This session has read-only access”. See picture attachment.


Can you also look at Help -> Toad Advisor? There may be something in there that will provide a clue.