Reconnecting when database is down


Recently we have had issues with some servers and routers, we have had to take them down and restart them. When we do this it always causes the TDA job we have monitoring our systems overnight process to fail.

Now I can completely understand why this happens but I wondered if there is a way to make the automation script reconnect or try again several minutes later until it is back up and it can see the database?

If this is not possible can you please let me know how I get the script to end and shut itself down, because when this happens TDA fails and sends the script error email but never actually shuts itself down.

Thank you

I don’t know if this helps or not. I was facing a similar issue with the VPN between our network and our database hosting agency would go down. IF the VPN was down my automation script would fail.

I built a simple activity to use cmd to ping the ip address of the server via the VPN which would bring up the VPN if it had closed itself down. Since I close TDA before the automated script runs, windows opens TDA runs the script (success or fail), sends appropriate email, then shuts down the applicaiton.

If I have TDA open when the automation script is set to run, it doesn’t close down after the job completes.

Thanks MPompey for the repsonse but I am not sure I follow what you are suggesting.

Are you saying I should have a seperate script to ping the address first? If so how do I get a result / answer from the ping to determine if it was successful or not? Do you then launch the script with your actual processes in once you have established it is up?


In the next version of TDA (2.7) you will be able to call an automation script within a script. (See video on last Beta) You could create a while loop. In the while loop execute the script and if the error code is not success, add a pause activity.

The only reason that I know of for a script to leave TDA open would be because of a message box popping up that shouldn’t. So if you see this again, can you click on the Toad icon in the right corner and see what message box is displayed. A screenshot would be helpful too.