TDA Losing SQL Server connections - URGENT

I have a system that has been running for at least 6 months. Last night, I lost both of my SQL Server connections and 15 or so automation scripts failed for that reason. I found the issue and added them back in. An hour ago, one of the SQL Server connections was gone again! This cause a script to fail as well.

What could be causing this?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


What was the issue and how you resolved it? What is the version of TDP you’re working in?



I added back the connections - but that doesn’t resolve what the issue is. I have two versions 3.0 and a special version of 3.1 that was supposed to resolve an issue of corrupted Excel files. It didn’t, so I have to keep using the 3.0 version until that issue is fixed.

What could possibly remove a connection?

I have never seen this before. The connections.xml used is the one saved in the app dir.

What is the error you get in automation when this happens? Send me log files.

What does the connection manager look like when you open TDP? Are you actually seeing them not displayed in the connection list? If the connections.xml got corrupted, I do no think any of the connections would work.

It is possible that the code in the automation script that tries to resolve a connection is not working because of some other connection that is similiar.

To debug this I would go to my App Dir (from the About Box) and rename my connections.xml. This will save your production copy. Then import in only the connections you need for the automation script. See if this stops the issue from occuring.

If so, then you would need to determine what similar connection is in the list that is causing the problem (same server but different database, different alias, etc)