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reduce the cursor size in toad


Hello all,

I have toad version in my system. Recently i have changed its default font size to Cambria Math. But I noticed that the cursor which blinks always has got its size changed. Its almost 4times the character height. When i try to type the multi line code, there will be a big gap between two lines

6278.large cursor.jpeg

Can anybody let me know how do i reduce its size?



change to Arial and see if it is OK

I suspect that yu have chosen font which is only in list and not really present in windows. Second, may be a really bad fond kerning…look at your line height!??



Yes,changing it back to arial worked for me. Since I dont like arial font, I have changed it to Cambria . Im not sure what is the problem with Cambria Math font.

Anyways it solved my problem. Thank you for ur guidance.