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Refreshing in the Session Browser


I would like to suggest to create an option (or make it more visible if there already is one) to refresh the detail pane in the Session Browser.

There is a refresh button but it refreshes ALL the sessions (that is not what I need)  and the focus from the currently selected session is lost and data shown in the detail pane is from - I don't even know - from which session.

So I have to find/scroll to the session I am interested in.

So we need an option - maybe a new button - which refreshes only the detail pane for the selected row/session.

Usually how I use the Session Browser is - to locate ONE of the sessions and then I continue to monitor it.


Good point! We raised SQLNAV-1530 as an enhancement request for it.Thank you Martin. :)


I miss this feature very much :)



Just want to post exactly the same behaviour, but found that my homonym already made a post therefore.  Any idea when this will be fixed ?