shortcuts for refresh in Session Browser

Looking to define a shortcut for Refresh Detail Panel and Refresh. I don’t see anything that looks like these in Options Shortcuts. Is there a way, and, if not, can one be added?

there’s no way to define a shortcut, but F5 will refresh the whole thing on the current beta.

Thanks, that’s helpful. So that’s new for this beta? And are there others for Session Browser?

A “refresh detail” would be useful, but F5 works for now. .

It’s not in T12.12 if that’s what you mean. Just added a few weeks ago. That was the only one I added. How about Shift+F5 for RHS/bottom?

Shift F5 and ctrl F5 are awkward, for my hands anyway. I’d prefer a single key like F6, easily accessible for repeated pressing. But if a combo is more appropriate, any of the shift/F9-12 combos would work for me.

John, was there any shortcut added for refresh detail? Or is it in the works?.

Hey Dale,

I haven’t forgotten about this, just been working on other stuff.


Hi Dale. Sorry this took so long. F6 will refresh the details section next beta. I didn’t see that being used as a default shortcut so I guess it’s OK.

Thanks John. I look forward to trying it out.