Refreshing of objects in schema browser

Has anything changed regarding the reloading of objects in the schema browser?
For example, in version 16.3, the source for a package is displayed correctly when I follow the steps below:

  1. double-click on the package in the schema browser (package is loaded in the editor)
  2. change the code of the package, F9
  3. click on another package in the schema browser
  4. click on the original package in the schema browser

In version 17.0.294, the obsolete code is still displayed after step 4.

Hi Dirk,

Yes, I made a change so that the source is is now cached so that it is faster as you move around. Other areas of the Schema Browser have done this for a long time. It seemed like a good place to do this. If you want it to refresh, just hit the "refresh RHS" instead of go to next object and back. Or you can use either of the other refresh buttons. In a Describe window, you can hit F5 to refresh.

I made it an option though. Uncheck here to revert to prior behavior.