Toad 12 - Schema Browser - Open package

Hi guys,
my company just updated to Toad 12 … I’m more or less ok with it … except one new behavior …

In the previous version (11), after open the Schema Browser/Package … and double click on a package … the code was open in a new editor instance … that was perfect because like that I can keep open the source file (sql) in one editor and work on the code from the database in another …

With the new version I cannot do it anymore :frowning: once double-clicked on the package … it opens the code in the same editor instance causing an error because I have already open the file.!

Here the error …

Any idea? setting to change?

I see what you mean. 11.0 behaves as you describe and sometime either in 11.5 or 11.6 Toad started detecting the opened tab for the package and prompts to reload instead, even when loaded from file. There are no options to control this behavior, it’s just the way it is.

11.0 never detects the already loaded object. Every time I load a package from the Schema Browser I get a new Editor. To some degree I think this is wrong and that it should prompt you to reload an instance of the object already loaded.

The current behavior has been in place for several years so I don’t want to change it willy nilly, but perhaps files should be excluded when looking for an opened instance of an object. The 11.0 and newer behavior are polar opposites and the ideal behavior may lie somewhere in the middle.

Feel free to log what you’d like in the Idea Pond as a change request so it can be seen and voted on by other users.


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