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Could you please tell me what MySQL version is used for the Local Storage?
Does TDP 5.0 bring a new version?


Alexandre DOLIQUE.


Local Storage is version MySQL version 5.6.30 and will be the same in TDP 5.0. I believe the regex support was introduced in MySQL 5.7.



Thank you very much Debbie for your answer.
Is there any chance that a next version in a near future includes MySQL 5.7?


Alexandre DOLIQUE.


Seems to me there might have been a reason we did not upgrade. But I entered TIC-11268 to find out. I will get you an update when we come back from the holidays.


We have looked into upgrading to MySQL 5.7 and we do plan to do this. However, this version doesn’t seem to support REGEXP_REPLACE. That is supported in MySQL 8.0. So it appears our upgrade still will not get you what you need. Can you check what version you are using that has this support?


Good Morning,

Thank you very much for keeping me updated.

You seem to be right: in the 5.7 reference manual, it seems to have the same level of regexp support as 5.6

I understand that upgrading to a newer version 8.0 with a bigger version gap would require more tests on your side. Wouldn’t it be worth though for your customers of the Professional Edition?


Alexandre DOLIQUE.


Hi Alexandre ,
MySQL 8.0 is GA on April 2018, so we still need time to evaluate it.
Base on the upgrade path of MySQL ( ,it only support upgrade from 5.7 to 8.0, so we need to upgrade to MySQL 5.7 first.
MySQL 8.0 would not be in our roadmap of 2019 , but it would be a candidate of enhancement in 2020.

Vincent Hu