Removing notes on an Access table


I’ve added a note to an Access table using the Object Explorer. I cannot seem to remove this note. In the Help, it suggests right mouse clicking and selecting ‘Remove Note’, but this option does not appear when you’re working in the Object Explorer. Is there another way to remove a note?

Hi Ben,

If you right-click on the sticky note icon that is added to the object instead of the object itself, the Remove Note option should be available from the pop-up menu. To make sure you’re on the sticky note, hover over the note until the note text displays in a tooltip, and then right-click it.


It seems that even though I am properly hovering above the note, theright-click menu does not have the option to remove the note.

Hi Ben,

I was testing this on 2.1, but on 2.0, it was apparently broken. As a workaround, you can drag the table into the Query Builder, right-click in the table and select Remove Notes (it’s really there this time!). You can also download the latest 2.1 beta since it is fixed in the next release.