Text Replacement in Toad

Is there any way to do text replacement in Toad

For example

  • I type in XXX and it auto converts it to "SELECT * FROM MY_FAVE_TABLE WHERE A=B"

  • I type "COPYX" and it auto inserts a standard copywrite notice that is used at my client site.

I cant find any way to do this in Windows 10 so I am hoping that it can be done within Toad.
Due to security concerns I am not allowed to install software at the site that I am at so I need to find a way to do this in Windows 10 or Toad without using any other software.

Yes, you can set that up here in options

is there a way to use a char (space for example) as boundary char or change trigger WITHOUT adding the chat at the end ?

Hi Xsomnix,

The word boundary char is always added after the replacement is made. In what situation would you like it to not be added?