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Report parameter to provide the user with a dropdown list to select from

I have a .TDR report that is grouped on a particular table field and would like to be able to create a parameter that will allow the selection of one of the available values in that field as a dropdown list.

If possible I want the parameter to default to ALL (to allow all data to be returned) or filter the data on a specific group.

Ideally it would be nice to be able to offer multiple selection, but not essential.

When I looked a the parameter properties window, I could not see an option under Type that would allow me to used existing field data to create a selection list for the dropdown.

Is this functionality available in TDA?

Thank you in advance.


To me parameters are a little awkward in the design area of Toad Data Reports. I prefer to use a SQL bind value (:myvar) in the SQL statement. Here you will be prompted for the value for that particular execution.

This method does not offer a drop down of selected values. But Toad Data Reports do not generally get run by end users.

When you use SQL bind variables you can use them in a loopdatasest Automation activity. Here you have a driving result set and you can produce a unique Toad Data Report for each row of the driving query.

Does that fit with what you want to do?