Reported Bugs from a Customer

There is a bug in HTML Report with the ERD page if you only export 1 sub model the image map for the image is for the master model not the sub model.

There is also a problem with relationship line collisions ( with other lines and with entities), Lines either run over the top of each other or through other entities This might be desirable when in straight line mode as you can add break points to prevent the collisions but with straight line mode turned off you can not move the line components or add new break points.
This can be resolved with careful positioning of the entities but is not ideal. It would be nice if with straight line mode turned off, the lines were aware of other objects and route around entities and if parallel to another line have a minimum spacing between them.

I realise many of these issues are resolved in 3.0 and I have suggested the customer download 3.0 Beta to confirm.

Hello John, Please accept my apology for so long delay. I forgot to post the answer here. TDM3 will allow users to generate reports for whole model, not particular WS (submodel in TDM2). Users will be able to select WS that will be used for generation of the picture and image maps and the image maps will work properly. Re break points and collisions: There will be numerous enhancements in TDM3 (gradients in entities, relationship names will be with white background color and when a user selects a relationship, the name will be readable, relationship names will be above entities when a user selects a relationship etc.), however, minimum spacing between two independent relationship lines is not available and straight lines will not be available in TDM3 (you can align objects and position of lines will be computed automatically). In general, TDM3 include new graphic engine and we will be able to add many new enhancements to the graphics, but right now we don’t have enough time to make the “tuning”.
Regards, Vaclav