Requesting Very urgent Help

I have the Toad installed for DB2 Database. The toad and the db2 connections were fine untill i had to do some system restore owing to some software problem. However this restore completely destroyed my Toad .

Now even after repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling the Toad software whenever i am opening it . I get a Crash Report and Microsoft Error Report.

I am helpless and need help urgently … Please let me know if you need further information . Please help.

Sorry to hear about your issues.
It seems that the restore somehow caused issues in your environment.

Please let us know what type of product you are using:
Are you using a commerecial, trial or freeware product?
A screenshot of the Help | About and Help | Licensing panels would be fine along with a support bundle.

I am using Toad for DB2 4.6 Freeware, i cannot send the screenshots because the Toad itself does not start. Whenever it starts i get an “Error and Report to Microsoft” . I have checked and rechecked the installation 5 times so far. it is of no help.

Is there any fix for it? i mean is there like a missing DLL or do i need to buy the software. Please let me know how it will help.

Determining why your restored environment no longer allows Toad to work will be a difficult task for us to accomplish without being on the box as you are.
Here are some ideas:
It might be that the restore has caused issues in your .Net environment.
Can you post the error information?
You should also investigate and consider that your .Net environment might need to be fixed and consider to and/or reinstall your .Net environment.

Thank you for the help… I installed the .Net Environment all over again and the Toad is back on … thank you so much…