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Reset start of ASH browser


How to reset ASH browser start…that it doesn’t continue with settings left from that last time.

I may understand that it could be OK for current Toad session, but for totally new starting it just have no sense and many times in mine case take a long time to get initial screen.
For me perfect solution would be a parameter (option) for that.


Are you talking about the filter settings? Looks like it just automatically remembers them. There is a “clear all” on the filter dialog if you want to clear the filter. I’ll add an option to automatically clear it when the window closes.

Yes there is a “clear all” option, but I can reach that only when window is opened and filter already done it’s work.


Right - I just meant that for now you could manually clear the filter before closing the window. How long does it take for this window to open? Is the query executing slowly or is there just a lot of data in the view?

Hm, depends from database to database and the way I left (Session, CPU etc.) data active.

And some database do not have proper system statistic, so this initial opening last very long (do not ask why new stat cannot be gathered…:slight_smile: )

In beta 51 I see that option…THX a lot.