Strange Behaviour in Toad

This morning after returning to work from my Xmas break, I opened up Toad and it seemed like it was a brand new install - all of the toolbars had gone back to what they look like by default (I always remove half of them and move the connection bar and window bar to the bottom so it was immediately noticeable). I then went to look at my SQL Recall and that too did not look right; the most recent queries are from November 2015! I have no filters set and I have definitely used it since then. I opened up the 12.10 and 12.9 production versions and they were the same. I also noticed that on the “Saved” tab, the groups were called “Imported Named” and “Imported Personal” - I can’t be 100% sure but I think they just used to say “Named” and “Personal”.

Any ideas what could have happened? There is stuff there that I really could do with getting back.

Don’t know if it’s related but when I first opened Toad this morning, as soon as the splash screen appeared my PC crashed (Blue Screen of Death).

In App Data --> Roaming --> Quest --> Toad for Oracle there are 3 folders: 12.11 beta, 12.11 beta (1) and 12.11 beta (2). The 1st 2 are dated 26/12/2016 which is the last time I used Toad before today and the 3rd folder is dated today. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance,


I realise that something similar to this has happened to me before ( but the solution then was to copy the user files from a previous version. This time, it looks like all of my versions have the same issue.

Hey Mark,

As part of the rebranding back to Quest Software, we had to change the directory location for your user files. As a result, you may need to re-import your user settings using the Utilities -> Copy User Settings menu if they didn’t automatically copy over. Toad 12.10 and 12.9 should be pulling from AppData --> Roaming --> Dell --> Toad for Oracle, which should be unaffected by the change.

If the Copy User Settings folder doesn’t work, you could try shutting down Toad and manually copying the contents of your 12.11 beta folder from AppData --> Roaming --> Dell to the 12.11 beta folder located in AppData --> Roaming --> Quest. I’d still make a backup copy of your existing folder, just in case; but since we’re in the midst of the beta process for this release, there shouldn’t be too many files that were changed from beta 19 to beta 20.

Let us know if that helps to restore things in your environment.



That’s done the trick - brilliant. I never noticed the different file paths - so obvious when you mention it!