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Return to previous function/procedure after ctrl-click


Hello, all,

I’m relatively new to Toad (v I like that I can Ctrl-Click an identifier to go to that function/procedure. I’ve used this, so far, to try and follow my way through a package. However, what I’ve not figured out is how I gracefully get back to the previous function/procedure to continue my way through the code. Is there a shortcut or button for this?


Alt+Left and Alt+Right. There are also buttons on the Editor’s toolbar (top row near the center) to do this. They have images of forward and back arrow within blue circle.


By the way, the same shortcuts will let you go forward and back through the Schema Browser history.


@Michael Staszewski and @John Dorlon, I tried those buttons, but they don’t do what I’m asking here. Maybe I’m not doing something correctly or need a setting checked, but here’s what I’m experiencing. For example, let’s say I have a package with the following functions.

FUNCTION get_number_plus_one (myNumber NUMBER)



RETURN myNumber + 1;


FUNCTION do_something ()


v_isZero VARCHAR2(1);


v_isZero := get_number_plus_one(0);

IF (v_isZero = 0) THEN






When I Ctrl-Click get_number_plus_one inside of do_something, it takes me to the definition of get_number_plus_one(). When I then click the back arrow, it takes me to the last table/package/object I visited in the Schema Browser. It doesn’t return me to do_something. My goal is to look through a function, and when I see it call another function, go look at the second function, and then return back to the first function where I left off.


Oh, it sounds like you are actually in the Schema Browser. I think Michael and I both assumed that you were in the Editor. In the Editor, the Alt+Left/Right will do as Michael described. In the Schema Browser, these shortcuts take you to the previous/next objected visited on the LHS, as you observed.

There is no way to go back to the prior place in the current package in the SB, sorry about that.


Yes, yes, YES! Thank you @John Dorlon! That is what I was missing. So, if I want to explore a function/procedure from the Schema Browser, open the function/procedure in the Editor first. Got it! You just lowered my frustration level a lot. Thanks also to you @Michael Staszewski, since you were pointing me in the right direction as well.