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the navigate back button takes the code back to the spec not body

the navigate back button takes the code back to the spec not body.

How to repro.

have 2 packages.

in the first package ctrl click on a procedure in the other package. then hit the navigate back button. The editor goes to the spec and not the body.

You didn’t explicitly say this, but I guess you are talking about the Schema Browser.

The history has always just navigated to the package and RHS would show whatever is your default (there is an option to default to spec or body). But this seems like a nice idea, since the history says “Package” or “Package Body”. So this will be in the next beta.

which option are you talking about. I checked on and off “jump to package and type body” and not matter what, when I click navigate back(alt + left) toolbar icon, the toad editor always goes back to the package spec, never the body.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that this version would control it. Your question just reminded me of this option: Options -> Schema Browser -> Right Hand SIde -> Show Body when Package Name Selected.

What version of the beta do you have? In the current beta, if you click on a “Package Body” in the Schema Browser History (or navigate button), it will go to the package body. If you click on a “Package”, then it will go to the spec.

If you are a few betas out of date, try pulling a new one. I removed this option for a little while shortly after adding it because I thought it might have been causing a bug. Turns out it was not the cause of the bug, and only a few betas ago did I add this back in.

I have the latest. We might be talking about different things. I am talking about the left/right blue navigation buttons on the tool bar. When coding and have multiple packages open and you are drilling downing in one package to another you hit ctrl-click on the package.procedure and deeper. Then to go backwards I hit the left/back navigate button to traverse the stack starting package.procedure. Has nothing to to due with the schema browser. Only the sql editior.

I have been testing and notice in the toolbar drop down there is the package name and line #, the line # is correct with the bodies line # where I last navigated from, but when i click on the link it always goes to the package spec.