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I need to create and schedule rman backups to run on the server but with Toad installed on my PC, the save option is not working and scheduling by using the Automation Designer is not functioning either.
I followed step by step from the online training and could not get it to work.

could not get it to work.

we want to help you here, but we really can’t do anything with “it doesn’t work”.

Please let us know exactly what you were trying to accomplish, how to tried to do it (such as scripts, screen shots, etc), and what the result was (such as error message, etc).

Steps to reproduce a problem are always helpful.

Hi John,

I’m sticking my nose in again …

I think the OP wants to use Toad on his PC, to set up scheduled RMAN jobs to run, or be scheduled, on the server. The server not being the OP’S PC!


Norm. [TeamT]

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Thanks Norm. I think you are right. I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

Toad isn’t going to be able to save anything to the server OS. You’ll have to go to the server to do that. But once the backup scripts are there, you could use Toad to set up a scheduler job. To do that, go to the schema browser and choose “scheduler job” as the object type, then click “Create Scheduler Job”. The program type should be BACKUP_SCRIPT.