Role playing dimension - views

I want to model role playing dimensions, so have created a view object, selected the dimension table & columns and aliased as necessary in the view attributes tab.

Now I can’t see how to relate the view to the dimension though, as there isn’t a related column dropdown in the “view relationship” dialog and a normal non-identifying relation won’t stick to a view object?

How do I model a role playing dimension.

Toad Modeler Version

Physical model for PostgreSQL




between View and Table can be only View Relationship. You can model multiple view relationship between Table and View. In this case please define in View Relationship Alias. In View.Attributes will be columns from table available by this aliases.


Makes sense, Thanks.

How would you suggest handling the join for the generated DDL SQL ?

See tab Where in View. You need type conditions, there is no gui for this.
You can see example in sample videorental model.